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Our Story

In the early 1960s, Hideo Matsushita, a curator at Tokyo's Bridgestone Museum of Art, organized LP listening concerts, where people had the opportunity to enjoy vinyl records played through high quality audio equipment. He noticed the profound impact music had on attendees but was dismayed by the cost of high-fidelity audio, limiting access. This inspired Matsushita to make quality audio more affordable, laying the foundation for Audio-Technica.

/ 1962 Cartridge Production line

1962, The Foundation of Audio-Technica

In 1962, Matsushita established Audio-Technica, driven by the mission to deliver premium audio accessible to all. His dedication led to the creation of the AT-1, the company's inaugural affordable phono cartridge, crafted in a small Shinjuku flat, Tokyo.

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From Passion to Innovation

For over six decades, we have nurtured our deep affection for analogue audio, and we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of analogue sound. Evolving from this love of listening, we have expanded our offerings, including award-winning headphones, turntables, and microphones. As a family-run enterprise, we remain committed to our belief that top-notch audio should be within everyone's reach.

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