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Wireless Microphone Systems

In 1989, Audio-Technica revolutionized the audio world with its first wireless microphone system, becoming a top choice for all kinds of places, from big international shows to small meetings, covering every type of performance space. Their innovation continues today.

/ Digital Wireless Microphone Systems

System 10 Pro

Audio-Technica System 10 PRO Rack-Mount wireless system operates without interference in the 2.4 GHz range, avoiding TV bands. It's simple to set up, offers clear, natural sound quality, and ensures reliable performance through diversity in frequency, time, and space.

/ Digital Wireless Microphone Systems

System 10

Audio-Technica System 10, a modern high-fidelity wireless system, delivers advanced 24-bit performance, user-friendly setup, and crystal-clear, lifelike sound quality. This wireless system designed for musicians and presenters seeking top-notch wireless audio solutions.

/ UHF Wireless Microphone Systems


AT-ONE stands as Audio-Technica's beginner-friendly UHF wireless microphone system. Featuring a versatile 2x4 channel frequency plan, a robust yet sleek design, and a user-friendly interface, AT-ONE is primed to be your ideal wireless companion, ensuring hassle-free audio experiences.

/ UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

5000 Series

The Audio-Technica 3rd generation 5000 Series wireless system is built for professionals, ideal for big concerts, stadiums, festivals, and more. This incredible wireless microphone system delivers superior sound quality and has a great track record, making it a top choice for musicians, broadcasters, and presenters worldwide.

/ UHF Wireless Microphone systems

3000 Series

Audio-Technica's latest fourth-generation 3000 Series wireless systems offer versatility in busy UHF frequencies. With a range of 300 feet and an impressive 60 MHz tuning range, these systems provide the freedom and power you need for seamless performance.

/ UHF Wireless System

3000 Series In-Ear Monitor System

The 3000 Series in-ear wireless monitor is meticulously engineered to deliver professional-grade sound quality and advanced features for performers of all skill levels and a wide range of performance spaces. Its user-friendly design and reliable performance make it an invaluable choice for enhancing on-stage audio experiences.

/ UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

2000 Series

Audio-Technica 2000 Series, a 10-channel UHF wireless system, adapts to diverse uses. It presents the benefits of a top-tier professional wireless solution, all while remaining incredibly budget-friendly. Ideal for a range of applications, it combines performance and affordability seamlessly.

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