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Band-Pass Filter Pair

These band-pass filters help eliminate out-of-band signals that can saturate the front end of wireless microphone receivers. They can also greatly improve dynamic range by reducing noise and third-party interference outside the operating range.  

Each is fitted with industry-standard BNC-type connectors, requiring no power or user configuration and allowing easy connection to wireless microphone antennas to reduce noise and improve wireless system performance. 

Note, the maximum pass-through current is 420 mATo avoid malfunction, make sure the pass-through current is less then 420 mA. 

ATW-F500DE2 Features

  • Passive operation 
  • Industry-standard BNC-type connectors 
  • Pair 

ATW-F500DE2 Specifications

Antenna & Distribution
Frequency Range470 to 530 MHz (ATW-F500DE2)
530 to 590 MHz (ATW-F560EE1)
590 to 650 MHz (ATW-F620EF1)
650 to 700 MHz (ATW-F675FG1)
Impedance50 ohms
High Frequency Transmission Loss4 dB (typical)
Current Pass Through420 mA
Operating Temperature RangeAllowable: -10 to +60 °C
Recommended: +15 to +35 °C
ConnectionsBNC-J x 2
Dimensions99.8 mm × 60 mm x 30 mm (W × D × H)
Weight136 g

ATW-F500DE2 Warranty & Repair

Audio Technica is committed to customer satisfaction, offering a one-year warranty on all its products. This assurance reflects their confidence in the quality and durability of their audio equipment. Whether you’re investing in headphones, microphones, , you have peace of mind for a full year.


With Audio Technica’s one-year warranty, you’re protected against unexpected defects and malfunctions, ensuring a worry-free audio experience. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every product they offer. Trust in Audio Technica for reliable and long-lasting audio solutions, backed by a generous warranty.

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